B. Rice, Select Achievement and Success Quotes (part 1)

On a regular basis throughout each week as I sort through new quotes for upcoming speaking engagements, I am going to place selected quotes on select images from my library. Some of the quotes will relate to students, professionals, mentoring, gving back, career development, entrepreneurship, religion, Black history, and just life in general. I hope you enjoy this series of quotes that is part of “Thoughts to Know, Thoughts to Live By” –  Brian K. Rice www.briankrice.com


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Please visit www.briankrice.com for more details about Brian K. Rice "I Just Want Everyone To Succeed"
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1 Response to B. Rice, Select Achievement and Success Quotes (part 1)

  1. Jazz Fallon says:

    Why do the pics on your facebook page mainly include you and your slimy arrogant smirk and no one else? Your self-importance is vile. People will hopefully, realize more and more just how deceitful and manipulative you are. You give the appearance that you care about others. You are good at being superficial. The way you devalue, mistreat and disregard women is abhorrent. Yes, abhorrent–look it up in the dictionary. You are a coward masquerading as a man. You will never receive increase until you respect others (women) and mature beyond the point of an emotionally stunted teenage boy. You have given speeches on African-American males needing to rise for the family to rise. That’s laughable when your own character is so low beneath the gutter that you reek of filth and hypocrisy.

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