31 selected quotes from the must read book “Think and Grow Rich”

B. Rice selected quotes from the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill (to see other quotes associated with questionnaires and charts please review other blog posts on the book “Think and Grow Rich”.)

  1. “Success comes to those who become success conscious. Failure comes to those who become failure conscious”
  2. “It is one thing to want money, but it is something entirely different to be worth more.”
  3. “Success requires no explanations, failure permits no alibis”
  4. “no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty
  5. “Millions of people go through life hoping for favorable “breaks.” perhaps a favorable break can get one an opportunity, but the safest plan is not to depend upon luck”
  6. “one sound idea is all that one needs to achieve success”
  7. “If your first plan which you adopt does not work successfully, replace it with a new plan, if this new plan fails to work, replace it, in turn with still another, and so on, until you find a plan which Does Work. Right here is the point at which the majority of men meet with failure, because of their lack of Persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those who fail”
  8.  “Your dream and goals have to remain alive”
  9. “There are millions of people who believe themselves doomed to poverty and failure, because of some strange force over which they believe they have no control. They are the creators of their own misfortunes because of this negative belief, which is picked up by the subconscious mind, and translated into its physical equivalent
  10. “There are two kinds of knowledge. One is general, the other is specialized. General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money”
  11. Knowledge will not attract money unless it is organized and intelligently directed
  12. “He was determined to remain ready until that which he was seeking” (you have to be determine and remain ready until you get what you are seeking (paraphrased))
  13. “When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it, and become influenced by it”
  14. “Step up to the front, select what you want, create your plan, put the plan into action, and follow through with Persistence”
  15. “The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs, are, generally, easily influenced by the “opinion of others.”
  16. “Thousands of men and women carry inferiority complexes with them all through life, because some well-meaning, but ignorant person destroyed their confidence through “opinions” or ridicule”
  17. “Desire, decision, faith, persistence, the master mind group, and organized planning are the keys to success”
  18. “The starting point of all achievement is Desire”
  19. “Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat”
  20. “The presence of a single negative in your conscious mind is sufficient to destroy all chances of constructive aid from your subconscious mind” (you can never forget and let even the little sin or thought kill the bigger purpose)
  21. “Poverty is attracted to the one whose mind is favorable to it, as money is attracted to him whose mind has been deliberately prepared to attract it”
  22. “Those who have cultivated the habit of persistence seem to enjoy insurance against failure”
  23. “Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage”
  24.  “With Persistence you must have a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances.”
  25. “Men take on the nature and the habits and the power of thought of those with whom they associate in spirit of sympathy and harmony”
  26. “It is your responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind”
  27. “Before we can master the enemy, first we must know its name, its habits, and its place of abode”
  28.  “There can be no compromise between poverty and riches! The two roads that lead to poverty and riches travel in opposite directions. If you want riches, you must refuse to accept any circumstance that leads toward poverty”
  29. Fear paralyzes the faculty of reason, destroys the faculty of imagination, kills off self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, discourages initiative, leads to uncertainty of purpose, encourages procrastination, wipes out enthusiasm and make self control an impossibility. It takes the charm from one’s possibility of accurate thinking, diverts concentration of effort, it masters persistence, turns the will power into nothingness, destroys ambition, beclouds the memory and invites failure in every conceivable form; it kills love and assassinates the finer emotions of the heart, discourages friendship and invites disaster in a hundred forms, leads to sleeplessness, misery and unhappiness
  30. [“When man is down and out and on the street, unable to get any job at all, something happens to his spirit which can be observed in the droop of his shoulders, the set of his hat, his walk and his gaze. He cannot escape a feeling of inferiority among people with regular employment, even though he knows they are definitely not his equals in character, intelligence or ability. These people — even friends — feel, on the other hand a sense of superiority and regard him, perhaps unconsciously, as casualty. He may borrow for a time, but not enough to carry on in his accustomed way, and he cannot continue to borrow very long. But borrowing in itself, when a man is borrowing merely to live, is a depressing experience, and the money lacks the power of earned money to revive his spirits.”]
  31. “Without doubt, the most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of leaving their minds open to negative influence of other people”

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