Students Suspended After Demanding ‘An Education’ (Brian K. Rice: We need more of this from different levels)

In the article below there are multiple sides to this story and some of them are mentioned and others you have to read between the lines and beyond the selected words of the article  and I have listed them in no specific order:

First- The education system should be setup for all students to succeed and it is crying shame that our education system fails so many especially in black communities.

Second: Every guardian and parent together or separated need to be responsible for the success of their offspring. We need each parent teaching our kid’s the right character traits so when the child goes off to school he or she is ready and eager to learn. We need each guardian teaching our kids how to fly so when they leave the house at 18 or 21 each child need to be held up by his or her own wings.

Third: Every student need to give their complete best. I understand that this article focuses heavily on the absence of teachers and textbooks but I believe there is more to the story than what has been reported. I also understand that many students and probably some of the students in this article who protested need to be accountable for their own actions of success as well. We need each students coming to school with an eagerness to learn and too often this is not the case. Sometimes we fail ourselves and then we blame it on the system. Sometimes we create so much turmoil for the teachers that we forget that teachers are regular people who don’t get paid much to deal with disruptive uneager students. We can’t have people protesting for the sake of protesting when they are not during their part first. So for every student that has given your complete best, I am proud of you for demanding more. We need more of you. We need more parents, students, teachers, administrators and volunteers with the  same spirit. (please read article below)

Detroit High School Protest: Students Suspended After Demanding ‘An Education’

Posted: 03/30/2012 4:16 pm Updated: 03/31/2012 9:53 am

About 50 students were suspended Thursday from the all-boys Frederick Douglass Academy in Detroit, Mich. for walking out of classes in protest, demanding “an education.”

Among their complaints: a lack of consistent teachers, the reassignment of the school principal, educators who abuse sick time and a shortage of textbooks.

We’ve been wronged and disrespected and lied to and cheated,” senior Tevin Hill told the Detroit Free Press. “They didn’t listen to us when we complained to the administration. They didn’t listen to the parents when they complained to the administration, so I guess this is the only way to get things solved.”

One math teacher, parent Sharise Smith tells WJBK-TV, has been absent for more than 68 days.

The students marched outside the school and chanted, “We want… education! When do we want it? Now!”

Students and parents became increasingly alarmed when Frederick Douglass was no longer listed as an application school in the district — current students had to apply to attend. Smith told the Free Press that her son was given an A in geometry without taking a final exam.

“It was by default, just for showing up. It wasn’t because he earned an A,” she said.

The Frederick Douglass boys are just some of many students in a city that proved to be the worst-performing urban school area among 21 surveyed across the country. Despite its national rank, Detroit’s overall performance increased on the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in 2009 branded Detroit “ground zero” for education reform, but changed his tone to a more optimistic one last year. Still, the district is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and faces dwindling enrollment — the first day of academic year 2011-2012 saw a 55 percent attendance rate.

Detroit Public Schools spokesperson Steve Wasko noted that Frederick Douglass teachers who abuse sick time “will be reprimanded,” and the district aims to keep the school open while adding new courses like debate and engineering.

The 17-year-old Hill told The Detroit News that so many teachers have been simultaneously absent from school that dozens of students had been forced to gather in the gym or other common school areas. Students also went for long periods without homework, and Hill said he struggled on a recent placement exam at Bowling Green State University, where he’s been accepted to attend next year.

“I literally couldn’t answer a question on there,” Hill said. “Right now, I’m not going to be as successful as I should be because I haven’t been properly taught.”

see article at Huffington Post:

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