What if your only love was dancing but you lost your feet? (watch and listen to the words of this piece called “Wheels Fall Off” by Charlotte spoken word poet Carlos Robson)

When I was in Charlotte I was a regular fan of the poetry scene  and this poems still sticks out to me. Carlos speaks about his grandfather on how he was a great dancer but because of alcohol and diabetes he had his feet cut off. Carlos speaks on how his grandfather in the poem finds happiness without the ability to do the one thing he loves which is dance.

Snapshot of the last few words: “We are all worthy of something beautiful. When it comes to your own happiness, let there be no room for second place…. So you run after what you want until they take your legs…  If you find one moment of happiness in the short thing we call life, you grab that moment, you hold that moment tight and you ride that moment until the wheels falls off”

Brian K. Rice


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