Single Mothers, if you are raising boys, please go look up ‘Raising Him Alone’

Single Mothers, if you are looking for a great resource for single mothers, the best I have seen is an organization called Raising Him Alone. Please scroll through their website and make sure you click on the ‘parenting strategies’ link under the ‘Stepping Up My Games’ tab. I mentioned this organization and many other great programs across Black America in my latest book “Black Americans, We Need You!” support Raising Him Alone by going to their website and support my book at  (

Raising Him Alone is the vision of David Miller and Matt Stevens. It is based on Miller and Stevens’ collective work to improve the life chances of African American males. Miller and Stevens were compelled to join forces to create an advocacy campaign that focused specifically on supporting single mothers raising boys.
Parenting Strategies:: Selecting After-School Programming

:: Keeping Him Busy
:: Homework Corner
:: Monitoring Your Son’s Technology
:: Who Rules the Cell Phone?
:: Homework Assignment for a Single Mother
:: Parenting an Angry Male Child
:: Grandparents Raising a Male Child
:: Your Child is Arrested – Parental Rights
:: Planting the Seed to Talk About Sex
:: Navigating the Special Education System
:: The Family Unit
:: Household
:: Punishment & Discipline
:: Teach Your Son How to Act (Time & Place)
:: Education
:: Health
:: Let’s Talk About Sex
:: The Real Deal on Drugs & Alcohol


Get a copy of “Black Americans, We Need You!”  at today and see what you can do in our community

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