Changing Fatherhood Program (Black Americans, We Need You!

When I was writing my book Black Americans, We Need You!, the Changing Fatherhood program is by far one of the best programs I have seen in the country when it comes to resources for fathers and getting fathers activated. I loved the program so much that I listed this program first in my book. David Miller is unlike many, he stopped talking about the concerns and he helped start and create different programs to address the concerns that many of us mention in general conversation.  I have great admiration for David and this great program.

Changing Fatherhood recognizes that many fathers fall into several categories:

Come Back Dad – Fathers who have been away in prison or struggling with physical and/or emotional challenges

Long-Distance Dad – Fathers who don’t live in the same states as their children

Emotionally Unconnected Dad – Fathers who have not figured out ways to connect emotionally with their son due to other of factors

Revolving-Door Dad – Fathers who are in and out of their son’s life

Dad In Need of Support – Fathers who have made many mistakes but want to become better fathers

Exceptional Dad – Fathers who are dedicated and committed


When you get a chance I recommend that you sort through the Changing Fatherhood website which I listed below if you are looking for ideas on how to be a better father or if you are looking for ideas on how to reach the absent fathers. If you are looking for all types of positive ideas that stretch across Black America, I strongly encourage you to support my latest book Black Americans, We Need You! ( which highlights over 300 different community programs, over 200 community organizations, 70 plus detailed positive community examples in the Black Community stretching from Fatherhood to Crime Prevention to Education Development to Economic Development and Much More. You will be encouraged to make a difference with  the many real life examples. Watch Video below

Changing Fatherhood

Black Americans, We Need You! go to  to learn more about the resourceful book and the author





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