Losing Our Future; An Invisible Crisis in Education

Brian K. Rice: “If we don’t train the next generation properly we are just adding more to the system that can’t compete for descent jobs”

AN INVISIBLE CRISIS  In an increasingly competitive, global economy the consequences of dropping out of high school are devastating to individuals, communities and our national economy. At an absolute minimum, adults need a high school diploma if they are to have any reasonable opportunities to earn a living wage. A community where many parents are dropouts is unlikely to have stable families or social structures. Most businesses need workers with technical skills that require at least a high school diploma. Yet, with little notice, the United States is allowing a dangerously high percentage of students to disappear from the educational pipeline before graduating from high school.

To make matters worse, official “dropout” statistics neither accurately count nor report the vast numbers of students who do not graduate from high school.

National Graduation Rates By Race and Gender

By Race/Ethnicity Nation Female Male

American Indian/AK Nat 51.1 51.4† 47.0†
Asian/Pacific Islander 76.8 80.0† 72.6†
Hispanic 53.2 58.5 48
Black 50.2 56.2 42.8
White 74.9 77 70.8

All Students 68 72 64.1

To view full article http://www.urban.org/publications/410936.html

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