Day 3 of 5: could you imagine taking away the cell phone from the world

Coud you imagine taking away the cell phone? (this fairly new invention) 

Could you imagine taking away the use of cell phones and similar devices and rewind just a few years?  You no longer have the capabilities and technologies of the computer, cordless telephone, the boombox and more all in one.

Pay Phones and calling cards are the thing

Calling long distance was expensive and calling collect was used sometimes

call waiting and caller id were not available

there was no such thing as a cordless phone, you had that cord that would tangle up all the time, matter of fact there was no such thing as a handless cell phone “Hands Free” technology with bluetooth cpabilities

what is wrong with using a paper map and trying to find the right roads to take, [GPS and mapquest and googlemaps, WHAT?]

You had to wait until another family member got off of the phone as someone was always using it

Computers only had basic programs that were pretty much only used for typing

internet was not available and you had to use encylopedias for history and information

people were walking around with battery powered radios and the walkman headset was not invented

there was no such thing as an ipod, you would flip the tape over when you finished to get to the next side (digital techonology-CD technology-ha)

I remember carrying pens and little sheets of paper and small note pads to get phone numbers

There was no use of built in calendars, you had to remember or find a planner

text messages, what’s that

i still remember using the rotary phone a few times

The list I mentioned only covers a few things that the cell phone has done for me since the  80s, so I can not even speak for the people born before me

What else has the cell phone replaced and What will the Cell Phone replace next?

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