Day 2 of 5: What do you think about welfare and how much assistance the government should provide?

What do you think about about welfare and how much assistance the government should provide? (public housing, the elderly, food stamps, insurance, free and reduced lunch, etc…)

Welfare has been going on for centuries as it dates back to at least the Roman Empire with Caesar and even in the story of Joseph saving up crop for the seven years of famine in Genesis where Joseph interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh to the One of the first forms of a formal welfare started in England where the Government stepped in to take care of people in need in 1601 through the Poor Law.  The poor law forced the poor to into hard labor for the government for meager wages. As we all know poor people have lived on this earth for ever but many of the systems for help were not very formal. Could you imagine every poor person of old age and disability not having any formal government assistance? The poor law of England helped inspire Germany’s national insurance plan of the 1880s, Brtitains public housing and the the US Social Security act for the elderly and the poor

Effects of  poverty support listed below:

Country Absolute poverty rate
(threshold set at 40% of U.S. median household income)
Relative poverty rate
Pre-transfer Post-transfer Pre-transfer Post-transfer
Sweden 23.7 5.8 14.8 4.8
Norway 9.2 1.7 12.4 4.0
Netherlands 22.1 7.3 18.5 11.5
Finland 11.9 3.7 12.4 3.1
Denmark 26.4 5.9 17.4 4.8
Germany 15.2 4.3 9.7 5.1
Switzerland 12.5 3.8 10.9 9.1
Canada 22.5 6.5 17.1 11.9
France 36.1 9.8 21.8 6.1
Belgium 26.8 6.0 19.5 4.1
Australia 23.3 11.9 16.2 9.2
United Kingdom 16.8 8.7 16.4 8.2
United States 21.0 11.7 17.2 15.1
Italy 30.7 14.3 19.7 9.1

Empirical evidence suggests that taxes and transfers considerably reduce poverty in most countries, whose welfare states commonly constitute at least a fifth of GDP. The information shows that many “welfare states” would have lower poverty rates than a “non-welfare state” such as the U.S. before the transfer of wealth; an example would be Sweden that has a 23.7% poverty rate pre-transfer while the U.S. has a 21% poverty rate pre-transfer.

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1 Response to Day 2 of 5: What do you think about welfare and how much assistance the government should provide?

  1. briankrice says:

    Jimese Harkley ‎5 yrs should be the maximum to allow time to get on your feet, after that you should be on your own. Although some people have to use the system due to unfortunate situations, there are some who have grown up on the system and are now raising their children on the system….My grandparents have properties that are on section 8 and one tenant that has been there for 14yrs and has not attempted to better her llife. 5 yr max!!
    September 7 at 7:53pm · Like

    Tanniesha Renee’ East-Elba I think that its gets abused terribly along with foodstamps. I witness people selling foodstamps for cash, not using section 8 as a jumpstart but as a way of life. Its aggravating!
    September 7 at 7:54pm · Like

    Elizabeth Persons the role of government is institutionalized welfare (aka socialism. yes i said the “S” word). it’s only when tax dollars go to the poor that people seem to get upset. the government is propping up our way of life by spending money it doesn’t have. what’s too much? well, no one wants to really wants to change their habits so i guess uncle sam will just keep printing and borrowing money. lucky2bemployed and not part of the working poor at least. then again, “poor” is relative terminology these days 😉
    September 7 at 7:59pm · Like

    Brian K Rice Not enough people are willing to help the person in need and then they get mad when that person is forced to go into survival mode and they do whatever they have to do to survive, even if it is illegal (i do not say this statement as way to make it okay to give out assistance but I believe we need more people teaching and coaching people on life choices as mentors and volunteers to help pull people out)
    September 7 at 7:59pm · Like · 1 person

    Brian K Rice Government can’t do everything but everyone always points the finger at government for not doing enough and then they point the finger at the government for doing too much.
    September 7 at 8:01pm · Like

    Desmond Hardy Welfare ws actually widely accepted until the early 80s when Ronald Reagan depicted the idea of the welfare queen with several babies and no intention of getting a job. This skewed the mentality that welfare was something that hard working whites where subsidizing the laziness of poor black people inextricably reversed the support of and for welfare by the greater society. Ironically, welfare benefits far more poor whites than blacks, and subsequently, poor whites began supporting Republican policy while completely ignorant of the fact that their policy runs contrary to their interests in the name of spite.
    September 7 at 8:13pm · Like · 1 person

    Dann Dunn I forgot who said it a few years back, but to quote, ‘all of these programs should be a safety net, but not a hammock’. Of course, special provisions should be made for children, the elderly and disabled, but for all able bodied adults, they should be a temorary fix and a last resort in the most dire of situations with an understanding that the recipient is trying to get off of them as soon as possible.
    September 7 at 8:15pm · Like · 2 people

    Tonya Goode Good topic Brian! I will say that Im a single mom raising a teenager. I work hard and with God’s help of course, we’re making it. I thank God for never having to rely on government assistance and hopefully never will. But if thats what it takes to provide for my son, then so be it. God Bless you Brian and good to hear from you!
    September 7 at 8:29pm

    Kokeshia Small I personally believe these programs are designed to keep these individuals in poverty out of the surburbs “give them something they can’t refuse and they will stay on it forever” its frustrating because there is nothing for mothers that are working and attempting to do better unless you have 4 or 5 kids I can go on and on about this topic I say if you have to use it as a stepping stone not as a crutch!
    September 7 at 9:06pm · Like

    Leah Davis That’s because most people don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions and it’s just easier to point the finger
    September 7 at 10:45pm · Like

    Simone Le’Tease I don’t think that the government should provide welfare assistance for people that are ” able to work”. If you have been laid off unemployment should be available for time period( extended upon approval), disabled-check, mental illness-check. But all of the people that get assistance shouldn’t be getting it. The criteria is not being met but the funding is being provided at our expense. One of the main problems with the system is that people are able to falsify information to receive benefits. I know people out here with good sense getting a ssi check for mental health. A lady that has seven kids,never worked living in a huge house with a pool on us. If you go into the homes of some of the people on assistane they are living better than many people that are not(flat screens and cabinets loaded with food, etc). They get comfortable and the government has crippled many.

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